Winter has well and truly settled in, so keep dreaming of the mountains, training through the rain, and, above all, stay Ahead of the Curve.

Curated by our staff, for our riders. Up this month: fuss-free chain waxing, Pogačar’s new lid, the next level of aerodynamic kit, and a much-beloved flapjack returns to Sigma Sports.

MET Pogačar Trenta 3K Helmet

MET Pogačar MET Trenta 3K Helmet

The people’s champ, Tadej Pogačar, is back with another collaboration MET Trenta 3K Carbon Helmet, exclusively available at Sigma Sports. One of modern cycling’s most beloved personalities, Pogacar’s awe-inspiring ability, sportsmanship, and sense of humour have fast cemented him as a fan favourite, and a true joy to watch. Each of these limited edition helmets is totally unique, with the ‘living liquid’ colourway produced through a pioneering production process that ensures no two are the same. With MIPS, an embedded carbon fibre cage, 19 vents, and sunglasses ports, this is a top-of-the-line helmet with head-turning aesthetics to boot.


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Chia Charge

Chia Charge

Chia Charge returns to Sigma Sports this month: just in time for your winter base miles. These sweet, salty flapjacks are real food ideal for Z2 rides - though if you’ve ever tried their Salted Caramel flavour, you’ll know that discipline is required to keep them reserved purely for riding. We recommend trying the Pre-Charge Instant Fuel Oat Drink ahead of riding if a big breakfast doesn’t sit right, or you’re pressed for time. Find Chia Charge in-store later this month.


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Rule 28

Rule 28

From London to the World Tour, Rule 28 outfit some of the world’s fastest riders with the finest aerodynamic clothing on the market. The eagle-eyed among you may have spotted the brand’s Aero Base Layer surreptitiously nestled under numerous team kits at Grand Tour TT stages, or on the shoulders of TDF winners Tadej Pogacar and Demi Vollering. Sam Calder, Rule 28’s founder, gives us an insight into the brand:

“Our products are designed with one thing in mind - to make you as fast as possible. The advantage gained through using our products has led to multiple World Tour Teams and Tour de France champions choosing to race in our kit in spite of sponsorship commitments.“

Embarking on your first foray into aero kit? The brand’s flagship product, their aero socks, are a brilliant place to start.


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Universal Colours Mono Bib Tights

Universal Colours Mono Bib Tights

Universal Colours’ Volume 8 palette is the brand’s strongest to date - their new winter brights bring a pop of colour to bleak days in the saddle. UC’s Mono Bib Tights are made from a brushed fleece that’s uber soft against the skin, with no bunching behind the knee, and an Elastic Interface chamois for comfort where you need it. For our Marketing Manager El, they are a go-to winter piece.

“I’ve got three pairs of winter tights and these are easily my favourite. They’re not super heavyweight, and I run pretty hot on the bike so I’ll wear these in anything from 14 degrees down to single digits. As soon as it’s icy I’m on the turbo, and back in my UC Chroma shorts, obviously.”


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Silca Super Secret Wax Starter Pack

Silca Super Secret Wax Starter Pack

The benefits of waxing your chain are widely known: it lasts longer between reapplications than standard lube, ejects contaminants, extends the life of your drivetrain, and significantly reduces mechanical drag. Historically, wax’s biggest drawback has always been accessibility - experimenting with wax in a crockpot on the hob isn’t for everyone.

The Silca Wax starter pack tackles this by including an easy-to-use drip on wax lubricant and chain prepper, so you can complete the process in twenty minutes with the chain on. Enjoy all the benefits of a waxed chain, with none of the faff. Included in the pack is Silca’s Super Secret Chain Lube, which is currently the highest-rated drip-on wax in Zero Friction Cycling’s independent testing.


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