Bike Buying Consultation

Let us help you find the perfect bike for you with a bike buying consultation. Although consultations can be carried out without an appointment, we would recommend pre-booking an appointment to guarantee you will be looked after as soon as you enter the store.

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For those looking for their perfect bike, we are here to help. In a relaxed environment, our team of bike sales representatives are able to assist you with your new purchase.

Please note, a bike buying consultation does not consist of a bike fit. We will determine the correct bike model and size with a bike jig. Should you wish to have a more comprehensive fit, please view our bike fitting services.

The six steps below explain how the process works, from the initial consultation to riding away with your new bike.

Rider ID

Step One - Rider ID

We begin by having a conversation with the customer to generate a rider ID. Their ambitions, how long they’ve been riding, the distances they’ve been riding, where they ride, if they race and if they are harbouring any injuries are all discussed. These questions are important as it helps us to identify what style of bike best suits their needs.

Cannondale Habit Mountain Bike

Step Two - Style of bike

There are a range of options to suit every budget. Our bike sales team will be able to find you the perfect performance-focused aero machine, endurance ready road bike, adventure bike, hybrid or mountain bike to cater for your riding needs.

Sigma Sports Bike Fit Jig

Step Three - Size

To find the right size we start by taking an exact inseam measurement to identify an initial saddle height. We then use our knowledge of stack and reach measurements to suggest models and sizes with the customer. The measurements are then converted to our jig, allowing a customer to test any bike for size. Once the customer is satisfied we record the measurements of their set up position.

Placing the order

Step Four - Placing the order

Now it is time to order the customer’s chosen bike. We book it into our workshop to be built to their measurements. If the customer wishes to add pedals, accessories or personalised components we can arrange for those to be added to the order and installed on the bike during the build.

At this point, the bike sales team representative will set up a collection appointment with the customer and take a 10% deposit.

Bike being built

Step Five - Bike built and tested

The bike is built, checked, tuned and tested by a Sigma Sports Cytech qualified mechanic. They will set the bike up to the rider’s measurements and add any chosen accessories or replacement parts.

Bike handover

Step Six - Bike handover

The bike will be set up to a position we recorded previously on the jig and the customer is welcome to change into their cycling kit and test it out on a turbo trainer. This allows us to make any final adjustments. We also go through the controls of the bike, so the customer knows exactly how it works, and basic maintenance tips will be provided too.

When the customer collects the bike we ask for the balance to be paid, whether it’s in a single payment, through the Cycle to Work scheme or using one of the excellent finance options we offer.

After six to eight weeks we offer a free first safety check so the customer can keep riding in confidence.

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