Professional Bike Fitting

Whether you're new to the sport, a seasoned pro, or anything in between; there are many benefits of investing in a professional bike fit. Increased power, efficiency and aerodynamics are advantages enjoyed by every rider. What’s more, riding a bike that fits you perfectly will help keep you injury-free, so you can enjoy riding further for longer in total comfort. At Sigma Sports, we believe a bike fit is an essential part of the bike buying process, helping to determine the correct bike for your position as well as your needs.

Please note, our Bike Fitting service is not currently available at our Hampton Wick store.



Sigma Sports Bike Fit Shoe Fitting

Our Services

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  • Sigma Sports Bike Fit - 2 Bikes or Positions

  • Sigma Sports Bike Fit with Pressure Mapping

  • Follow-Up Consultation

  • Saddle Pressure Mapping

  • Supply and Fit One Pair of Custom Sidas Footbeds

  • Moldable Shoe and Cleat Fit

Bike Fit On Jig

The Bike Fitter

Considering the numerous factors involved, a bike fit becomes a subtle balancing act for the fitter. There is no single formula a fitter should follow and the correct blend of factors must be tailored specifically for each and every individual. A Sigma Sports Bike Fit will help you to ride faster for longer by optimising your position for efficiency and comfort.

Bike Fit Pressure Mapping Software

The experience of the fitter is incredibly important. The success of the fit is entirely reliant on the knowledge and experience of the fitter conducting it. Sigma Sports fitters possess a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field.

Our philosophy is to look beyond any one recognised bike fit method - our fitters have been educated in a wide range of systems to ensure the broadest and most comprehensive approach possible.

Andrew Shore Sigma Sports Bike Fitter

Andrew Shore

  • Specialized BG Fit qualified (Level 1 and 2)
  • Trek Precision Fit qualified
  • Fully trained Sidas custom footbed technician
  • Seven years bike fit experience
  • Specialist in custom frame design


Recent Sporting Achievements

  • Three Peaks cyclo cross finisher
  • La Marmotte finisher
  • Tour of Flanders sportive finisher
  • Paris-Roubaix sportive finisher
Bike Fitting Shoes

The Fit Process

1. Interview

2. Off-Bike Assessment

3. Shoes, Cleats and Orthotics

4. On-Bike Assessment. This breaks into two categories: Ride Analysis and Fitting Adjustments

5. Follow-Up Consultation

Backed By Technology/Data

1. Bike Fit Jig

2. Saddle Pressure Analysis

3. Motion Capture

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Sigma Sports Bike Fitter Andrew Shore


"Had my first bike fit. Very impressed by the pragmatic approach and education along the 3 hours process. I would recommend it, and much £ per improvement compared with the cost of a bike component. Very happy with the service."

Jon W

Saddle and tape measure

"The bike fit session with Sigma Sports was excellent. Their instinct, knowledge and expertise went way above a previous 'fit' experience I had with another retailer a couple of years back. I'd recommend a fit with Sigma Sports to anyone buying a new bike or fitting to an existing one."

Claire R

"I had an awesome bike fit session with Sigma Sports. We found some really interesting areas to work on that will pay dividends on the TT bike for this winter's training and next years racing with Team Bottrill. I'm looking forward to revisiting in the new year to see how well the improvements have delivered."

Stu A

Bike Fit Measuring

"A bike fit with Sigma Sports has transformed my cycling. The process was friendly, meticulous, and thoroughly documented. The equipment is high tech and their knowledge is first rate. By the end of the session we got to a position that gave me better posture, less susceptibility to injury, more comfort, a smoother pedal stroke, and a higher power output."


Sigma Sports Bike Fitting Rider on Jig

"I can't begin to tell you how much it has made a difference. I didn't think relatively small adjustments would make so much improvement in my cycling - but it has. But it is more than just a fit - it was for me an education on posture, cadence and fluidity of motion that has made my performance on the bike so enjoyable."


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