All goods purchased from Sigma Sports are protected by the manufacturer’s warranty which covers against defects in materials and workmanship.

Sigma Sports does not warrant against failure or damage due to misuse such as but not limited to, poor maintenance, neglect, abuse, accidental damage, incorrect or inappropriate installation or alteration, use other than the product’s intended purpose, impact damage.

Corrosion and/or deterioration caused by material fatigue, defined as the natural breakdown of materials that occurs when subjected to repeated loading and unloading, will not be covered under warranty.

General wear and tear on consumable items such as tyres, inner tubes, tyre sealant, brake fluid, brake and gear cables, brake pads, light bulbs, bearings, chainrings, chains, cassettes, rims, batteries etc will not be covered under warranty.

Clothing items, including helmets and footwear, are not covered under warranty for accidental damage, improper care, normal wear and tear, fading of colours and materials over time or with use, rips, tears, abrasion, holes, burns or shrinkage. Cosmetic issues do not affect the performance of a clothing item and are not to be considered a warranty fault.

Neoprene products (wetsuits etc) can be easily damaged without careful handling and are fully inspected prior to despatch. Please take extra care and follow the instructions enclosed with the product to prevent damage from happening or watch our wetsuit fitting video. We cannot accept items for warranty inspection which have been damaged in the process of trying on. Nail marks, rips, tears, cuts and abrasions are not covered by the manufacturer’s warranty.

All manufacturers produce care instructions for their neoprene products and all reasonable precautions should be taken to maintain the product. Exposure to elements such as extreme heat and direct sunshine, prolonged bacteria and chlorine, and other harsh or abrasive substances can accelerate product degradation and may also void the warranty. If the product is accidentally damaged, repair kits are available or there are specialist companies available for larger repairs.

Framesets purchased at Sigma Sports are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Please note that this warranty may be void if the bicycle is not assembled by an authorised dealer or a qualified bicycle mechanic. In the event of a warranty claim, the manufacturer may request details of the shop or qualified bicycle mechanic responsible for completing the bike build and servicing.

Returns Procedure Turbo Trainers/Power Meters

Electronic cycling goods vary greatly in cost and sophistication and as a result, sometimes we may request that you contact the manufacturer through their tech support channels yourself.

This is beneficial for a number of reasons:

Sometimes the item may have an issue that can be resolved in situ, with either tech advice from the manufacturer or a spare, this means you as the customer will have to be without your trainer being usable for a smaller amount of time.

If the issue is more complicated and requires fault finding, the manufacturer may ask you questions and get you to run certain tests.

This will allow them to either solve your issue or confirm a problem. Doing this with your setup in situ means any problem you have experienced can be replicated easily.

They will happily confirm that a product is faulty if their instructions are followed and this confirmation can be provided to us to accelerate your warranty process.

If these steps are not taken, then your item may need returning to the supplier or manufacturer for confirmation, this will either confirm the fault or confirm that the item is functioning as it should.

You can assist us in the process of providing a speedy solution by keeping hold of any communication with the manufacturer where a solution is agreed upon.

Warranty Returns

Warranty is non-transferable and applies to the original purchaser only. Proof of purchase is required with all potential warranty claims.

If you feel that your purchase has developed a fault, first check whether it is covered by the manufacturer’s warranty and still within the warranty period.

Please provide full details of the fault, together with good quality photos, and email the information to [email protected]. The more detail you can provide, the quicker we will be able to deal with your enquiry. Please include your original order number and telephone number as we may be able to solve the problem without you having to return the item and being without it for any length of time.

In the event you need to post an item back to us, it must be returned in a clean, dry and hygienic condition. Fill in a Returns Form, including all relevant information about the fault, as an incomplete form will delay the processing of your return. Please enclose this form with the item, ensure it is securely packaged and return it in a safe and secure manner as it will remain your responsibility until received and signed for at our warehouse. Do not affix the postage label to the product packaging (shoe boxes etc.).

For international customers, please follow the instructions above and return the item by the cheapest tracked service. Please ensure the message: "Returned Goods - Failed Sale" is clearly visible on the exterior of the package. Please obtain proof of postage as it will remain your responsibility until received and signed for at our warehouse. Please also provide a receipt for the postage costs. This will be required in the event that the warranty claim is approved as reasonable postage costs will be reimbursed. In the event that the item is found not to be faulty, you will be responsible for the postage/courier charges to return the item to you.

Each warranty return claim is treated on an individual basis and we aim to process them as quickly and efficiently as possible. However, in the event that an item needs to be returned to the UK supplier for inspection and/or testing, the timescale for receiving a decision will vary.

If a fault should develop within 30 days of purchase, providing the warranty claim is valid we will refund or replace the item for you instead of waiting for a repair to be carried out. We will return the item to the UK supplier for inspection if, on receipt, we are unable to find the fault or believe the fault may be due to incorrect use, user error or accidental damage, the final decision will be given by the supplier and a warranty request may be refused.

After 30 days we are entitled to make reasonable efforts to repair a faulty item before issuing a refund or replacement. The timescale for each claim will vary depending on the nature of the repair or availability of replacements or parts. Any item that is repaired or replaced under warranty will be covered by a period equal to the remaining warranty period of the original part. If a repair or replacement is not possible we reserve the right to offer an alternative of equal or greater value (colour may vary) or a partial refund proportional to the remaining life of the product.

For international warranty returns, in the event of a successful warranty claim, a full refund will be processed to deal with fluctuations in exchange rates. You will be asked to reorder the item and we will match the original order price. The order will be shipped free of charge unless further items are added to the order when shipping charges will apply.

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