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Commuting by Bike

We have taken a closer look at some of the most important elements to consider when commuting by bike. From bike lights to ensure you are seen out on the road to cycling clothing that'll keep you comfortable whatever the conditions, we are here to provide expert advice and personalised product recommendations to make sure your time on two wheels is enjoyable, safe and efficient. 

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Commute Bikes

Commuter Bikes

Although it's possible to commute on any bike, consideration should be given to comfort and functionality. Whether you choose an electric hybrid, a road bike, gravel bike or folding bike, no matter the distance, terrain or location, there are a number of things to consider that'll make every journey easier and more enjoyable. Can you fit racks for bags? Does the bike have mudguard eyelets? How hilly is the ride, and are the tyres going to be comfortable and grippy enough for the type of terrain you encounter? At Sigma Sports we can help guide you through the process of choosing and setting up a bike perfectly, to suit your budget and requirements. 

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Commute Clothing

Commuter Clothing

Turn up to work feeling fresh by wearing cycling clothing that's commute friendly. Whether you prefer the casual look or are going for full Lycra, consider the breathability of the garment so you stay cool and comfortable. On rainy days you may require a waterproof shell and insulation will be important during winter. A padded short will take the sting out of sitting in the saddle, and more reflective details or brighter colours will maximise visibility to others, day and night. Of course, a helmet is essential, and these come in a range of styles to suit, with some even including reflective elements or built-in lights.

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Commute Lights

Bike Lights

Bike lights are a must at night, but also sensible on darker days and in poor conditions, making them a commute essential. Which features are important will depend on where you're riding, but as a minimum, you will need a set that makes you visible to other road users and pedestrians. Look out for lights that have long battery life and easy charging, are weatherproof and offer a wide field of illumination. Different mounting locations are possible, with common options being handlebar and helmet for front lights and seatpost and bag for rear lights. Here at Sigma Sports, we stock a large range of both 'to be seen' and more powerful 'to see' lights so you can maximise your safety on city streets and dark roads and trails.

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Commuter Accessories

There's so much more to commuting than just finding the ideal bike. The right accessories will get you to your destination ready for the day ahead. Wet conditions create the need for better protection, and mudguards are key to not arriving muddy and soaked through. Tools allow you to quickly deal with mechanicals and punctures along the way, and once your ride is over, you may need a secure lock for peace of mind throughout the day. If you're carrying a laptop and a change of clothes, consider a comfortable rucksack, or alternatively choose pannier bags if you want to take the weight off your shoulders. We stock a huge range of essentials online and in-store and can offer expert advice on what is right for you and works for your bike. 

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